Auction / Consignment / Estate Sale Services

 At leftover treasures we offer an unmatchable range of services and expertise that surpasses any known competitors here in the Central Valley.

Most companies only offer Estate/Auction sale services, but that’s it! Leaving many clients with these questions:

What happens to the items that don’t sell?

Who do I call to have the home/property cleared of debris?

I have items in storage, but I don’t want them auctioned off. What are my options?

There isn’t enough in the home for an Estate Sale / Auction. How can it be sold?

We can handle everything from start to finish. Below are is a list of available services:


Estate / Tag Sale – This sale is done on location whether it’s a business, farm, residence, etc. Our staff will set up and stage items. Small valuable items are placed in showcases and we provide tables. The sale duration can be from 1 to 3 days depending on various circumstances. All items are priced, and we provide pricing sheets for common items. For large furniture items or customers that purchase in bulk we offer delivery services.

Live Auction – The auction is conducted on location. The setup and layout is different from an estate sale. Items are sold in LOTS starting with #1 and are sold in sequential order to the highest bidder. Typically items are sold individually but items can be sold as group, and set. This is determined by an item(s) value. An auction is a quick way to liquidate an estate, usually in 2 to 6 hours; with a second day for customers to pick up large items or equipment.

Private Consignment – This service entails having all items are removed from their location and are sold at our warehouse location on Blackstone & Shaw. This can also be utilized for unsold items from an estate sale/auction. This process can take 30 to 90 days, with payment issued when the last item has sold; on average consignments last 30 days.

Warehouse Auction – Similar to the consignment process: your items are removed from their location(s) and sold at public auction in downtown Fresno. Your items will be cataloged prior to removal and be sold in addition with other consigned items on Thursday evenings.

Estate Purchase – A pretty straightforward process, for your estate we can make a cash/check offer. The purchased contents are then removed, or sold on site. The removal process typically takes one day.

Estate Clean Out – Typically only sell-able items are removed leaving items such as: (garbage, various debris, clothing, food items, yard waste, wood, paint, and building materials) behind for you to deal with. This is an additional service we provide that many simply do not. At the conclusion of a sale, auction, consignment or purchase, we can haul away any leftover mess.