Leftover Treasures

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HUGE Estate Sale & Mini Auction in NW Fresno! Rare Schwinn Bikes! Sat/Sun
Nov 10 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
HUGE Estate Sale & Mini Auction in NW Fresno! Rare Schwinn Bikes! Sat/Sun

Another great sale coming up in November!

Rare Schwinn Bicycles.

Stunning Antiques and Decor purchased from San Francisco.

Details and Photos To Be Published November 5 @ 8pm

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*UPDATE POSTED* HUGE Ranch Auction! John Deere Tractor, Tools, Equipment, Forklift and more! Dates TBD @ Sanger Ranch
Nov 16 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
*UPDATE POSTED* HUGE Ranch Auction! John Deere Tractor, Tools, Equipment, Forklift and more! Dates TBD @ Sanger Ranch | Sanger | California | United States

I just received word from the broker. That property should reach closing in the next 2 to 3 months. The sale of the contents will follow immediately after.


Huge Ranch Auction coming up soon.

Auction Dates will be determined when property is in escrow.

Sale features:

  • John Deere Tractor with 3,000 hours
  • Toyota Forklift
  • Case Gas Tractor
  • Enclosed Trailer
  • Tool Boxes, Lawn Equipment, Shelving
  • Pool Table
  • Vintage Carousel Stands
  • Farm Trailers
  • Antique Navy Bunk Beds
  • Massive amount of tools, hardware.
  • Tractor Implements
  • and much more.

All to be sold at NO Reserve!

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Why Select Leftover Treasures?

Well its simple, our company is one VERY few companies in California that provide Full Service Liquidation for families and businesses.

While others may do an excellent job with your sale; that is the only service they provide. Not every home is very clean and well maintained; and the other Estate Sale Companies will ask family to prepare the home prior to their setup. At the conclusion of the sale, many estate sale companies will “nicely” pile up debris and consolidate leftovers typically in the garage and leave YOU to deal with it.

We do not. We provide cleanout before and after a sale, even if it involves a roll off bin. We’ll get it done.

In almost every estate sale there will be items leftover. To have a complete sell out is possible, but rare. What often happens is the leftover items are given away to person(s) on craigslist OR if there are valuable items left they will take them. Leaving you ZERO revenue for the remains.

Our process for handling leftovers is far more beneficial to clients than what other companies use, as explained above. At the conclusion of the sale we indicate the options for the remaining items:

  • Consignment at our warehouse on Blackstone & Shaw
  • Cash offer for remaining items
  • Deduction or exchange for cleanout service.
  • Donation on your behalf

Additional services we provide are described below:

  • Realtor Services: If you need your home/property listed, we can directly connect you  our Realtors: Landmark Properties & Keller Williams Fresno.
  • Auction Services: Provided through Leftover Treasures & Fresno Auction Company.
  • Elder Law and Estate Planning Services: Provided by the Law Office of Teresa B. Petty Jones

For more details regarding my services, Please contact me directly @ 559-307-6835.

Thank you for your consideration,
Phillip Sifuentes