Leftover Treasures

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Nov. 18 – Huge Estate Auction. Shop Equip., Trucks, Tools, 2 houses. @ 3825 Pinecrest Drive
Nov 18 @ 10:00 am
Nov. 18 - Huge Estate Auction. Shop Equip., Trucks, Tools, 2 houses. @ 3825 Pinecrest Drive | Mariposa | California | United States

This  Saturday @ 10am

3825 Pinecrest Drive  |   Mariposa, Ca 95338 (Follow “Auction” Signs from HWY 49) 

Look for “Auction” street signs, and our 4×4 white street sign.  Please do not block driveways or mailboxes!

  • Saturday Preview Begins @ 8am. Auction Begins @ 10am

for more upcoming sales visit: www.leftovertreasures.com

After many delays. This auction will be occurring this Saturday @ 10am Rain or Shine!

All items pictured are to be sold @ NO RESERVES!

This auction is an estate of former retired electrical engineer with items to include:
Vintage electric testing equipment, vintage military electronic equipment, vintage tubes, tools of all kind, generators of all kinds, Southbend single phase lathe, Rockford economy 3-phase industrial heavy duty lathe, large movable generator, chain hoist a frame, metal shelving, R. Hammond #12 typewriter in wood case, bow front china cabinet, antique book collection, washer & dryer, refrigerator, military grade 220 to 440 converter, Van Norman milling machine, Walker Turner 12-speed drill press, Arbor press, heavy heavy duty to head grinder, hundreds of vintage items, Dodge Trailmaster van, Ford box van with rail lift gate, couple of riding mowers, oxy-acetylene set electric motors of all kinds, copper wire, boxes and boxes yet to be unpacked, Kennedy tool box with tools, adjustable combo vice, machinist tools, mill and tooling, bits, oak furniture, daybed, Bar stools, bicycle, unusual vintage multi faced clock, Hummels, and much more!

Vehicle List: All vehicles are to be sold @ 12pm

  • 1981 Ford F700 Diesel Delivery Truck w/ Lift Gate. Miles 21,500. Clean Title. Pink Slip in Hand. (VIN# 1FDNR74NXBVJ13186, LIC#: 4L62661)
  • 1974 Dodge Tradesman 100 Van. Miles 7,119. Sold with bill of sale. (VIN#: B11AE4V031140, LIC#: 80633W)
  • 1997 Ford Aerostar Van. Last Documented Miles 137,398. Clean Title. Pink Slip in Hand. (VIN#: 1FMDA31X8VZA59517, LIC #: 4VPH521)

Machinery List:

  • Rockford Economy Lathe. 3 Phase 220/440. To be sold with all accessories. Will be Sold @ 12pm w/ vehicles.
  • Van Norman 1RQ Milling Machine. 1/3 HP. 3 Phase 220/440.  Will be Sold @ 12pm w/ vehicles.
  • Large 2 Ton LeRoi Company Generator. Model 20/a-0382w. 6 Stoke. (originally from the Fresno Chandler Airport) Will be Sold @ 12pm w/ vehicles.
  • Budgit 1 Ton Hoist. To Be Sold @ 12pm with Vehicles.
  • Reuland Electric 3 Phase Generator. To Be Sold @ 12pm with Vehicles.
  • 13 in SouthBend Quick Change Gear Lathe.
  • 12 Speed Heavy Duty Drill Press by SX International. Model S-1
  • Walker-Turner Scroll Saw for Wood and Metal
  • Military Grade  220 to 440 converter
  • Various Generators and Converters.
  • Antique Military Equipment
  • 4 Inch Thick Solid Granite Lab Table. From Standrige.

Contents of Sale:

  • 2 Washer & Dryer Sets, Upright Freezer, 3 Refrigerators.
  • Various Hand Tools, Saws, Pipe Wrenches, Proto Wrenches, hammers, Sockets and more.
  • A large amount of vintage and antique Electrical Gauges, Volt meters.
  • Antique Cameras
  • Antique Hammond #12 Typewritter in pristine condition! with original cover.
  • 4 Bedroom Sets.
  • Large Flat Screen TV.
  • High Quality Oak Furniture.
  • Antique Insulators
  • Power Tools
  • Dozens of pallet lots filled with various electrical components
  • 2 Carport Frames.

We accept: Cash and all Major Credit Cards

Buyers Premium is 13% (3% Discount for Cash)

All purchases subject to sales tax 7.750% All Sales are final. No returns, No refunds allowed. Please inspect and test prior to purchasing.

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Why Select Leftover Treasures?

Well its simple, our company is one VERY few companies in California that provide Full Service Liquidation for families and businesses.

While others may do an excellent job with your sale; that is the only service they provide. Not every home is very clean and well maintained; and the other Estate Sale Companies will ask family to prepare the home prior to their setup. At the conclusion of the sale, many estate sale companies will “nicely” pile up debris and consolidate leftovers typically in the garage and leave YOU to deal with it.

We do not. We provide cleanout before and after a sale, even if it involves a roll off bin. We’ll get it done.

In almost every estate sale there will be items leftover. To have a complete sell out is possible, but rare. What often happens is the leftover items are given away to person(s) on craigslist OR if there are valuable items left they will take them. Leaving you ZERO revenue for the remains.

Our process for handling leftovers is far more beneficial to clients than what other companies use, as explained above. At the conclusion of the sale we indicate the options for the remaining items:

  • Consignment at our warehouse on Blackstone & Shaw
  • Cash offer for remaining items
  • Deduction or exchange for cleanout service.
  • Donation on your behalf

Additional services we provide are described below:

  • Realtor Services: If you need your home/property listed, we can directly connect you  our Realtors: Landmark Properties & Keller Williams Fresno.
  • Auction Services: Provided through Leftover Treasures & Fresno Auction Company.
  • Elder Law and Estate Planning Services: Provided by the Law Office of Teresa B. Petty Jones

For more details regarding my services, Please contact me directly @ 559-307-6835.

Thank you for your consideration,
Phillip Sifuentes